March 27 2017


This is slightly older news, but it's still relevant. Check out the video to learn more. Fish is back.

March 8th, 2017

Hello everyone. What's up. I'm super depressed. Jk. It's hard bein' a human bein' sometimes. I hate college. It's expensive and it's basically exactly like high school. Tuition is too damn high. Also idk you don't actually learn anything as much as you just do homework and fake it til you make it.

The greatest band in the world is doing pretty good. I think we're going to start working on an EP release within the next few weeks. It'll include some of the songs we've been playing at shows, including "Trash Baby" - the song about an oppossum. We are pretty excited. Spring break is coming up for me though and that means I have to go back home to Madison and I really don't wanna be stuck there for a week. I'm broke.

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