A Poem About Potato Salad 

I’ve made my share of potato salads and never have I been asked for just one recipe. 
In fact, I think I’ve asked for an entire book just to make a single recipe. It was 
for my mom, who loved fried potatoes and coleslaw and was happy if someone served 
her a plate of food and an ice cream sundae. This recipe was her favorite, and 
since I always made it without any mayonnaise or mustard, it was a favorite of mine too. 
I wrote a poem in the little bit of time that I had.

The Honey Bear Weighed Out

The Honey Bear is having a really hard time right now. While honey supplies are dwindling on Potato salad flowing through my veins. Stocks of mustard and mayo are dwindling too. The vats are emptying out While sweet potatoes and potatoes are in droves. We must preserve as much as we can, My bear has a plan. I want to add some fresh mashed sweet potatoes to this. I want the honey To sweeten the sweet potato and enhance its flavor. So I weigh out a sweet potato, a few parsnips and a handful of carrots. But I am not satisfied. Mustard I want, mustard in every bite. So I weigh out a carrot and a shallot and some celery. Then I toss in some cranberries and a handful of slivered almonds. Then my bear pauses. And then he says: I will make the most wonderful, sweet potato salad that you have ever tasted. Which leaves me dumbfounded. Because I never made this before. If I make it once, It will be remembered for all time. "